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The Xpose (2014) Full Movie Best Facts | Himesh Reshammiya | Sonali Routh |. Our whole life is a search for meaning!
Description: The film is an interpretation of an essay of the same name by beatnik writer Raymond Moody, published by him in 1930. Shortly before his death, Moody included this material in the 70 volumes of the Psychological Bibliography, which posted his work on the Internet.
The film is based on Moody's essay "The Death of the Mind", in which he describes his personal experiences from October 2001 to June 2012, when he met with psychics, mediums and other near-death survivors.
He talks about some of the incredible phenomena that he observed himself: in addition to seeing light and the voices of "other people", he was personally shown the luminous telekinesis of two colliding boulders, as well as an energy handshake between two cars, at a distance of several kilometers.
A dynamic plot and a meaningful analysis of events make it possible to see interviews with the most prominent thinkers of modern society in this film.
Undoubtedly, a person is able to experience extraordinary experiences even after the passage of time, but what about "consciousness"? Does the soul really leave the body? Have people observed experiences of the separation of the soul from the physical body? Why don't dogs and dolphins die after completing their earthly stage of life?
Many of these questions will be open to you, dear reader!
Directed by: Sumbai Datto.
Year of release: 2014.
Genre: Documentary.
Translation: Professional (polyphonic, offscreen).
Duration: 01:43:59.
About movie:
"A dog, a dolphin and a cat do not die because their soul lives in another body" (Eye on them). f02ee7bd2b