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Vcds Lite 12 Full Registered Activated-1 filges

Vcds Lite 12 Full Registered Activated-1
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March 21, 2016 (4/11/2016 12:44 PM)Kennyspark8574 Posted: How do I get this to work, I keep getting Port status: OK Interface: not found## #He will access all control modules in your vehicle and will perform a number of useful functions, but some functions will be blocked until the software is registered. During installation, this software will ask you to enter a password in order to access the following features:
1 - Light and high beam control
2 - Climate and lighting control
3 - Displaying the temperature in the cabin and overboard
4 - Reverse control
5 - Control of mirrors and heated rear window
6 - Checking all vehicle systems
7 - Audio and video management
8 - Audio and video management
9 - Vehicle systems management
10 - Climate and Lighting Control fe70933767